532 Maitland RC(Air)CS
Air Cadet Training Resources
Version 4.2 21 SEP 09

Training Schedule


Dress Regulations

Cadet Program Update (For Level 1 and Level 2)

Course Training Plans

Master Lesson Plans



Senior NCO's Workshop

Instructional Guides

Module 1 Module 2
CO's Briefing Guide Instructional Guide to Discipline and Correction
Instructional Guide to Motivation
Instructional Guide to Problem Solving
Module 2 - Leadership Powerpoint Presentation
Module 3 Module 4
Instructional Guide - Instructional Aids Squadron Commanderís Meeting with the Sr NCOs
Instructional Guide - Methods of Instruction
Instructional Guide - Master Lesson Plans
Instructional Guide - Methods of Instruction - Power Point
Module 5  
Squadron Commanderís Briefing to the Jr Cadets



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